At Toogenblik, Brussels 2016
A Letter to Dreamland | New Single & Video
December 2016

A Letter to Dreamland
A young boy, after overcoming his fears and doubts, decides to write a letter to his little sister, who is in Dreamland. He wants to tell her about everything that has been going on, since she went away the year before...

A Letter to Dreamland is released as a single on December 9, 2016, together with the official video. The song is also included on 'Tree of Life', the album by The Ever After Project. All proceeds are donated to the Dutch Liver patients Association (NLV).

Michel’s new song is the sequel to last year's song: 'A Letter from Dreamland - First Snow will fall Tonight'. A Letter to Dreamland is recorded, mixed and mastered by Michel and released by Fyify! Records & Publishing. You can read more on the music page.
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Michel's Diary | April 5, 2017
"The first single - (A Song for) Fall & Darkness - of the new album is almost finished! Exciting times, stay tuned the comin' weeks!!"

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Upcoming shows
Find out where Michel is playing near you! Dates are added constantly, so check this section every now and then! For all coming and past shows, look here.

April 22, 2017 | 3.30 pm
Record Store Day
Vlaardingen | NL

Michel Ebben

May 7, 2017 | 2.30 pm
Ever After's Songwriter Circle
Studio De Bakkerij
Rotterdam | NL

Michel Ebben, Kalulu & Mark Lotterman

May 7, 2017 | 5.00 pm
Café Restaurant Sijf
Rotterdam | NL

Michel Ebben, Bill Parker & Jiri

June 25, 2017 | 2.00 pm
Moodz eten & drinken
Delft | NL

Michel Ebben

July 22, 2017 | 4.00 pm
Pica Pica Parade
Het Eethuisje van Delfshaven
Rotterdam | NL

Michel Ebben

November 11, 2018 | 8.30 pm
Atelier Winterdijk 30b
Waalwijk | NL

Michel Ebben

Look here for all upcoming shows.
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Tree of Life | Album release the 27th of November 2016
November 2016

18 songs by 18 artists. Tree of Life is the first release of The Ever After Project.
Demet Köysüren (der2run) and Michel asked artists from the Netherlands and abroad to provide a song, especially written for Tree of Life, a rare version of one of their songs or a song that has a special meaning for them.

Demet & Michel will donate all proceeds to the Dutch Liver Patients Association (NLV). With The Ever After Project they support various charities by combining the beauty and power of music with a good cause. Tree of Life is released on November 27 at Rotown Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Ten artists who are on the album performed that afternoon. The album is for sale at concerts of The Ever After Project and available online and streaming. Visit The Ever After project for more information.

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The Ever After Project | Tree of Life
October 2016

The Ever After Project
’The Ever After Project’ is an initiative of Demet Köysüren (der2run) and Michel, with which they want to support various charity organizations or good causes by inviting artists to contribute a song or to perform at a benefit concert.

'Tree of Life' will be officially released on the 27th of November. With the album Demet and Michel support the NLV (the Dutch Liver Patients Association).
18 artists from the Netherlands and abroad contributed a song either written especially for this album, a rare version of one of their songs or a song that has a special meaning for them.

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Gravel Town | Live uit Lloyd 2016
September 2016

Gravel Town Live uit Lloyd 2016
September 1st, Gravel Town released their second performance at Live uit Lloyd, the well known radioshow broadcasted in the Rijnmond region.
'Live uit Lloyd 2016', contains all songs from 'The History of Gravel Town, Chapter III - Single Men', the first part of Gravel Town's second album, plus Cradle of Joy, no. 2, a song featured on 'From Grace' and was only played live once before!

All five songs are recorded live on January 28, 2016 at the radio & television studios of RTV Rijnmond! Live uit Lloyd 2016 is released by Fyify! Records & Publishing. Read more about this live EP on on the music page.

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Promoting Emma's Diary
July 2016

Michel radio promotion Dave Hammelburg
Emma’s Diary, the new single released July 1st, already got a lot of attention from local & regional radio stations! Currently, Michel's doing a promotional tour and visited 'Omroep West' (The Hague region) & 'Podium 107.1' (Utrecht region).
Also, Emma's Diary, has been picked up by 'IndieXL' and included on their Indie Advice List, this week! Check out the Emma's Diary & the official music video on the music page.

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